Cazaic User Agreement

Welcome to Cazaic!

Thank you for using Cazaic. By using our services you are agreeing to these terms.

Cazaic is open to users of all ages, but the content you add and share may not be. Please consult the terms of service and privacy policies of the sites you add.

Cazaic is a content management application, not a content creator. Cazaic is a blank canvas which you can use to change the way you experience the internet. The sites you add are not influenced by Cazaic. The blank space is available for you to customize your page and your experience. The content you add and share from your page are not owned by or affiliated with the Cazaic brand and as a result Cazaic is not liable for any damages, losses, or any unforeseeable situation that may arise as a result of using Cazaic. The onus is on the user to determine what they want to view and who they want to share it with. The internet is vast and Cazaic is not responsible for the transfer of information or images which may be deemed unacceptable by the user. Consult the originator of that content (website, company, etc) to address any concerns.

Users should assess the quality standing of a site before adding or sharing on Cazaic. Cazaic is not liable for malware,viruses or any other potentially harmful programs received from adding or viewing sites while on your personal Cazaic page or viewing a shared page of another member.

Cazaic is not liable for information added or shared through our service that may infringe on another's copyright.

We cannot ensure that all sites added will perform at a consistent level or render on the Cazaic page. Our team will work toward continued growth in optimization to allow more sites to render on Cazaic.

Privacy Policy

Cookies Cookies are a commonly used tool to enhance the user experience of a site. Cookies will be used to store session data, but Cazaic cookies do not interfere with or redirect the information sent, received or collected from other sites cookies. The information you input into an added site stays with that site and is not used by Cazaic.

Sharing Your Cazaic page is always private by default. The page is opened when you share your page link, but it is easily closed by clicking "Change Share URL" to create a new share token, making the page shared before invalid, locking your page from being viewed. By not generating a new share link your page is open to being viewed by those who you sent it to. Cazaic is not responsible for privacy issues which may arise if they occurred as a result of the user not using the privacy measures put in place.

By using Cazaic or any Cazaic brand affiliate, you are agreeing to these terms changing. Please refer back to this page to see updates to this agreement.