Login and go

Add the websites that interest you to Cazaic and view them all by logging into one page.
From sports scores to daily recipes, keep up to date with the websites that shape your day.

Simplify your web experience

Cazaic removes the need to have tons of tabs open which slows performance by allowing web pages to render vertically on the page,
while being able to switch between websites with one click.

Share your web collage

Share your personalized page with friends so they can see the websites that interest you
and discover new content by viewing others Cazaic page.

Control what is seen

Privacy is important. Control who can see your share page by using our simple page lock features.
Websites added to your Cazaic page do not appear in the internet browser history, ensuring confidentiality while on public devices.

Work effectively

Use Cazaic’s web page storage and share features to organize the web pages you are using for a school or work project,
while also sharing your page for other members to see what you see.